Friday, August 27, 2021

In Studio: Dara Tucker (Pt. 2)

Last week, we featured the first of a two-part interview with vocalist Dara Tucker. During that discussion, we highlighted some of her personal journey from Oklahoma to Nashville… and from there to her home in Newark, New Jersey. This week, we bring you the second part of that conversation as we dig deeper into the inspiration behind her latest release for Green Hill, “Dreams of Waking: Music for a Better World.” Our conversation is candid and open surrounding the topics of social justice and inequities among people of color. It is our hope that the views shared will help you begin a conversation with others in your life, too. More at

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  1. Dara Tucker is her fathers gift to a world in need of someone who is intellectually prepared to be a powerful leader for this season in the history of our world and nation. Her marriage to Greg Bryant (for me)was God ordained. Each as an individual is gifted to speak and discuss complex issues of our day with a clarity beyond their years. Both were strongly directed by fathers who were intentional in the raising of their children to become leaders. In this blog, Dara Tucker announces herself as a major spokesperson for a new generation of leadership on social issues and causes of our day. [she needs to be in the United States Senate] Honestly, she is a leader for this time as well as a gifted recording artist and other talents. I was, as usual in things pertaining to this couple, locked in and locked up for fifty-four minutes and forty seconds, wanting to shout YES! I do not listen to myself for that long. I want more! AMERICA/OUR WORLD NEED AND MUST HAVE MORE!


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