Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A Lifetime of Music: Joanne Belson (Tel Hai Retirement Community)

Our lives are filled with stories… and when it comes to the impact of music, we have many stories to share. Recently, we partnered with our friends at Tel Hai Retirement Community in Honey Brook, PA, a town located just east of Lancaster. Tel Hai was gracious enough to allow us to come and interview several of their residents. The interviews centered around their own musical experiences… and the stories that came from those special moments. This week, we present the first of four interviews recorded at Tel Hai. Our guest is Joanne Belson. She is a longtime resident of Tel Hai and has quite the eclectic taste in music. Mrs. Belson is a talented flutist who has also served as a music teacher for much of her adult career. You’re going to hear her stories of how music was always there… no matter where she was in life.

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